Make Coffee​ Pleasure Last​

L’OR has long been committed to building a more sustainable future, preserving coffee pleasure for generations to come.​

Inspired by the extraordinary beauty found in nature, we harness its unique ​and precious richness to create our artful coffee compositions.​

Through JDE Peet’s Common Grounds programme we are on a journey to ​reduce our impact on this precious natural beauty.​

From nurturing the ecosystems in which coffee plants thrive, to championing ​more sustainable change within the coffee industry, L’OR is devoted to making coffee pleasure last.​

A Cycle Of Coffee Pleasure

True coffee pleasure should leave an impact on our senses, not the planet.​ We carefully select our packaging and materials to protect the precious ​flavours and aromas of our coffee whilst being respectful of the environment.

We are working towards reaching 100% recyclable packaging by 2030, using ​the infinite recyclability of aluminium capsules, alongside reusable glass jars ​and paper bags.​

L’OR capsules are made from aluminium to effectively preserve the aroma and flavours of the coffee so that you can enjoy the intense taste of an espresso.​

To help us care for the environment, collect your used L’OR capsules and send them free of charge to TerraCycle to give them a second life. The L’OR capsules will be shredded to separate coffee ground from aluminium which is then melted in order to make recycled products.​

Let’s work together to reduce our impact in present and protect a more sustainable future in which coffee pleasure can last.​

Recycle Used Capsules

Responsible Sourcing

We are proud to say that our coffee is responsibly sourced. We are ​working to create a better future where farmers are prosperous, ​and nature thrives.​

Through JDE Peet’s Common Grounds programme, we support​ smallholder farmers on their journey towards more sustainable ​practices through our farmer initiatives and third-party assurance.​

As guardians of the coffee growing landscape, farmers depend on ​a blooming natural world. We are working together to create a ​resilient, more sustainable future in which nature can thrive.​

Responsible Sourcing

Preserving Coffee Diversity

The beauty of nature inspires us in our creations, and we are continually ​looking to blend the most intriguing coffees sourced from different regions.​

By partnering with World Coffee Research, L’OR supports the research, and ​enrichment of a diverse variety of coffees across the globe.

We do this because we know that a world without coffee diversity is a world ​without coffee pleasure.​

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