L'OR was born in France with the goal of offering the finest selection of coffees to coffee lovers around the world. Each L'OR blend is created by a team of passionate Coffee Artists and designed to deliver layers of flavour and aroma, which touch all of the senses for a uniquely engaging coffee experience.

 Although L'OR is now enjoyed in homes around the world, we've never lost touch with our French roots. For us, it means a commitment to quality and attention to detail in everything we do, as well as an appreciation for moments of pleasure every day. From expertly selected whole beans roasted to perfection, to our exquisite collection of Nespresso* Compatible Capsules.

 *Third-party trademark brand which is not affiliated in any way with JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS

  • Compatible capsules

    The capsules are designed to fit Nespresso* machines

  • Flavour and aroma

    The team of passionate Coffee Artists created each L’OR blend

  • Recyclable capsules

    Our L’OR aluminium coffee capsules are all recyclable


L'OR coffee is sourced from the world's finest coffee growing regions and blended by Coffee Artists to deliver a unique experience in every cup. For us, the pleasure of coffee means complexity: layers of flavour and aroma that intrigue all of your senses, offering a complete taste experience. What makes L'OR unique is our balance of complexity with smooth, rich coffee blends that can be relished every day.


Our dedicated team of coffee experts is passionate about coffee research and innovation. From new, convenient ways to prepare your favourite coffee, to sourcing exquisite coffee beans from undiscovered origins, to novel ways to roast or blend coffee beans in a way that enhances taste and aroma.

This allows us to deliver new, unique types of coffee pleasure by consistently improving our techniques, and to ensure we protect the future of coffee enjoyment for coffee lovers around the world.