Preserving Coffee Diversity

At L’OR, we are continually inspired by the diverse natural beauty of coffee.​

Our passion for creating the most exceptional blends has allowed us to explore the full diversity of flavour and aromas that this unique plant can bring.​

World Coffee Research

As part of our vision to preserve coffee pleasure, we want to protect the diverse beauty of coffee, so that people can enjoy this rich world of flavour for generations to come.​

That’s why L’OR works with World Coffee Research – passionately partnering on research, leading innovation and educating coffee drinkers around the world about the need to ​promote a more diverse coffee landscape.​

Pure Coffee Pleasure Forever 

By sharing this agricultural innovation knowledge, we can help farmers choose the most fertile varieties for a more sustainable harvest.​

Together, shaping a landscape which is better for the planet, and the passionate people who grow this precious plant.​

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