Tiramisu Coffee Speculoos

A delicious dessert for coffee lovers. Let yourself be seduced by the exquisite taste of tiramisu and L'OR ESPRESSO combined with speculoos, the traditional Belgian biscuit.

The delicious combination of coffee, Belgian speculoos biscuits and strawberries or raspberries is a real treat. Are you going to have a visitor and would you like to surprise him? Then this delicious raspberry and speculoos tiramisu is the perfect choice. Make it yourself using this recipe.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

  • Ingredients

    Serves 2

    • 50 grams speculoos biscuits
    • 20 ml L'OR ESPRESSO Ristretto 11 (1 capsule)
    • 150 grams of Crema per Tiramisu (tiramisu bottom)
    • A bowl of fresh raspberries and strawberries
  • Preparation

    • Grind the speculoos biscuits into small pieces and prepare a cup of L'OR ESPRESSO coffee Ristretto 11. Use 1 capsule.

    • Drop a tablespoon of crumbled biscuits and a teaspoon of coffee into both glasses.

    • Use a piping bag to add a layer of Crema per Tiramisu on top of the crumbled cookies. Add another tablespoon of crumbled biscuits and a teaspoon of coffee, then another layer of tiramisu.
    • Add a final layer of crumbled biscuits on top and garnish with some strawberries and raspberries.

    • If you want to put your own spin on the speculoos tiramisu recipe, of course you can. If you want to add a layer between the speculoos cookies, you can also do the following. You can mash the strawberries and raspberries with a fork in a bowl. Add this berry sauce to your tiramisu for an even more exquisite taste. It's just one of the ways to personalize this delicious dessert.
      If you'd rather not use raspberries, that's not a problem either. Just don't use any. You can choose to make a speculoos and strawberry tiramisu without adding raspberries. The best thing about this recipe is that you can completely customize it.

    • If you like tiramisu and coffee, but prefer Decaffeinated coffee, that's not a problem either. You can use one of our decaffeinated capsules and add the coffee to the speculoos tiramisu recipe.

      Tip: Speculoos tiramisu can be served with a cup of coffee. Since the amount of coffee in tiramisu is minimal, feel free to enjoy it with a good cup of coffee. Discover all our Coffee Capsules and select the one you like best.

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