Indulgent Mocha Recipe

Cooking Time: 

5 minutes 


  • 1x L’OR Espresso Ultimo coffee capsule 
  • 2x Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy chocolate squares 
  • 200mL milk of choice 
  • 1x 200mL mug 
  • 1x teaspoon 
  • Grater or microplane 


Tip to make your coffee extra tasty every time: flush through your L’OR Barista coffee machine with water to clean it out and heat it up 

  1. Discard dirty water from the tank and fill it up with fresh tap water 
  2. Add two squares of Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy chocolate in your mug 
  3. Brew one espresso shot of L’OR Espresso Ultimo and mix it with the chocolate so it’s completely dissolved 
  4. Heat up 200mL of your desired milk using the L’OR Barista milk frother or a steamer. Pour milk into your mug and mix it together with the chocolate and coffee using a teaspoon. Ensure milk is filled up to the rim 
  5. Using a grater or microplane, top up your indulgent mocha with Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy shavings