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L'Or Barista


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Explore L'OR single and double shot capsules here.


Discover a superior coffee experience with our compact and elegant L’OR Barista Sublime® machine that fit in every space and lifestyle. With just the touch of a button, become a home barista and create a wide variety of coffees.

 Become a Home Barista

Enhance your coffee experience at home! L'OR Barista System brews coffee at high pressure, up to 19 bar, to ensure true espresso quality.

Taste a wide choice of drinks: From ristrettos and espressos to lungos, make all your favourite coffee drinks with just the touch of one button.

 Double Shot, Double Pleasure

The double spout allows you to brew 2 cups at the same time or a double shot espresso in one cup. The L'OR Barista Smart Dual Capsule Recognition Technology automatically detects the capsule size and adjusts to the optimal coffee setting for each coffee recipe.


The L’OR BARISTA machine is compatible with  L’OR espresso capsules, L’OR BARISTA double shot capsules and most Nespresso®* compatible capsules.

Variety of blends easily available

Discover a masterpiece in taste with our range of 18 blends available in all supermarket and online. Australians have rated our capsules the best coffee pods in Canstar Blue’s 2021 review!

Sleek and compact design

L’OR collaborated with the award-winning product designer, Khodi Feiz to create the new L’OR BARISTA coffee machine. Khodi Feiz is known for the “purity, elegance and efficacy” of his work, qualities which are fully reflected in the design of the L’OR BARISTA machine.

Personalize your drink

Each setting button has been programmed to brew coffee as its ideal setting. Nevertheless you can personalize your drink volume to your wishes, within a range that ensures the best coffee quality.

The machine drip tray can easily be adjusted to fit your large mug or latte macchiato glass. Simply remove the larger drip tray and enjoy your long coffee mug

Direct Start and auto switch off  

 The direct start function allows you to brew the coffee you desire with just one press of a button. After the coffee has been prepared the machines switches off automatically to save energy.

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