Responsible Sourcing

We are proud to say that our coffee is responsibly sourced. We are working to create a better future where farmers are prosperous, and nature thrives.​

As part of JDE Peet’s Common Grounds programme, we are striving to make a positive impact on our planet, its people, and the future of coffee.​

Responsible Sourcing

For all L’OR product labelled with a Responsible Sourcing logo, an equivalent volume of coffee has been purchased from an industry recognized responsible sourcing programme.​

What does Responsible Sourcing mean?​

Responsible sourcing means the green coffee we source is produced following industry recognized principles that address their possible social and environmental impact.​

How do we source coffee responsibly?​

We continue to engage with farmers and situations in our sourcing regions to understand challenges, and actively address these issues to drive progress to ensure every cup contributes to a better future. Together with our partners, we are supporting Farmer programmes representing the rich diversity of origins and farmer producing realities across the globe. We support small scale farmers on their journey towards sustainable practices through farmer initiatives and third-party assurance.​

Common Grounds

JDE Peet’s Common Grounds sustainability programme embodies our ambition to positively impact people, our planet, and the future of coffee. ​

We are acting intentionally to ensure every cup contributes to a better future. From farmers to consumers, we are championing an inclusive and ​regenerative ecosystem fuelled by our love for coffee. Common Grounds is comprised of three pillars: Responsible Sourcing, Minimising Footprint ​and Connecting People, bringing all our sustainability work together under one programme.

Sustainability is an evolving journey, and we continue ​to evaluate the impact of our operations and adapt to ensure we’re always working to improve our impact on people and planet.​

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