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L'OR Espresso - Limited Creations - Arabica Nyika - 10pk

L'OR Espresso - Limited Creations - Arabica Nyika - 10pk

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Discover the new L’OR Espresso Limited Creations Arabica Nyika. With just one sip of the speciality single-origin coffee, you will feel transported to the wilderness of Zambia.

Created with hand-picked Arabica Nyika grown in the Kasama highlands of Zambia, the special variety has been expertly roasted by L’OR Coffee Artists to celebrate the lively flavours in the beans. The human touch is critical in the careful preservation of the distinctive, exquisite Arabica Nyika coffee characteristics.

  • Subtle balance between sweetness and bitterness for a sweet, fresh & complex taste, with some notes of berries
  • Made from Arabica Nyika, a rare variety, hand-picked by local coffee growers
  • Grown in the rich volcanic soil of the Kasama highlands of Zambia

Arabica Nyika – a unique and unexpected coffee blend that releases pure pleasure.

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