L'OR Espresso Advent Calendar

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Celebrate the 24 days leading up to Christmas with the L’OR Espresso capsules Advent Calendar.

Each day delivers a new and unique taste experience with 24 different blends revealed one day at a time.

Each coffee has been carefully selected by L’OR coffee artists who are driven by a passion to create the ultimate pleasure in coffee.

Discover coffee with details that intrigue through unexpected contrasts, bold fusions and the artful layering of flavours.

Indulge in a captivating pleasure made just for you with 9 Limited Edition blends:

  • Delizioso 5: smooth, toasty & mellow
  • Satinato 6: velvety, soft & round
  • Splendente 7: bright, zesty & smooth
  • Forza 9: bold, roasty & spicy
  • Fortissimo 10: dark, fruity & rich
  • Lungo Mattinata 5: elegant, delicate & smooth
  • Lungo Elegante 6: complex, dark fruity & fresh
  • Decaffeinato 6: spicy, refined & rich
  • Or Rose 7: sweet, intense &full

This is the season for exceptional coffee pleasures.

L’OR Espresso - A Masterpiece in Taste.