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L'OR Espresso - Guatemala - 10 Pack

L'OR Espresso - Guatemala - 10 Pack

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Light and zesty notes are bright and sparkling on the tongue, with mild-roasted flavours to create a perfectly happy coffee experience. 


Celebrating the best qualities of Arabica, L’OR Guatemala delivers light and zesty notes – bright and sparkling on the tongue – with mild-roasted flavours. This blend takes you to the heart of the Guatemalan rainforests: where forests and volcanoes create a lush and surprisingly landscape. 


Light and zesty notes with mild-roasted flavours.


This light and zesty blend creates a perfectly happy coffee experience. Peaceful and easily drinkable at any time of day. 

Mild-roasted flavour with light and zesty notes.

  • Zesty
  • Bright
  • Mild 

Blended by L’OR Coffee Artists.

Compatible with L’OR BARISTA® coffee machines, and specially designed to be used with most Nespresso®* Original coffee machines, with the exception of U®*, Umilk®*, Expert&Milk®*, Prodigio®* and Prodigio&Milk®* models bought after 25 July 2016.

*Trademark of third party not connected to JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS 

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